Indigenous Theological Training Institute

Committed to the development of culturally appropriate theological resources, making resources more accessible through collaborative partnerships while sharing the unique ministry, spirituality and gifts of Native Americans/First Nations people with each other and faith communities

Past and Future

The tree is a symbol of our past and future. The roots represent our shared ancestors nurturing the present generation symbolized by the tree. The tree gets its strength from the leaf that as a group represents the congregation of supporters. The tree in turn gives life to seeds that are a symbol of our future.

ITTI Mission

The mission of ITTI is to provide resources, advocacy and support to people of Native American heritage who seek religious leadership education and spiritual formation through ordained orders, lay leadership roles, or their respective community-based ministerial and leadership positions.

First People’s Theology Journal

ITTI publishes the First People’s Theology Journal. Native American leaders are empowered to share their voices while contributing to the preparation of our leaders. Journals are available for purchase through the ITTI office.