The Indigenous Theological Training Institute (ITTI) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established in 1996 that provides resources, advocacy and support to people of Native American heritage who seek religious leadership education and spiritual formation through ordained orders, lay leadership roles, or their respective community-based ministerial and leadership positions.

Collaborative Partnerships

The Indigenous Theological Training Institute and Cook Native American Ministries Foundation (CNAMF) continue to collaborate to accomplish our mutual goal of providing culturally relevant theological education to leaders in our Native communities.  Together ITTI and CNAM have provided trainings through Winter Term and Winter Workshops.  As a newly formed foundation CNAMF makes grant funds available to continue our work.

ITTI has a distribution agreement with Forward Movement to make the Disciple’s Prayer Book more accessible.  Stay tuned for an electronic version which will be available for purchase on the ITTI web site in the near future.

ITTI continues to collaborate with VST Native Ministries Consortium and are members of Yuuhadaax (a North Coast indigenous term meaning, “to drive or steer.”  ITTI is directly engaged in theological education through the VST-NMC Summer Program.

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