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ciate the ability to effortlessly switch between the four major U.S. time zones; and you can even press a button to synchronize your watch’s time with the atomic broadcast (if you suspect it’s not accurate; which is highly unlikely). The pleasant male voice clearly speaks the time; date; alarm time; and audibly guides you through all other setup options. There are four buttons around the rim of the face; but it’s just the two on the right you press to get the time or date respectively. It’s impossible to accidentally change the time or mess with the other settings; as the Set button must be held down for a full five seconds before the menu is entered – a fact which makes this powerful yet easy-to-use watch ideal for anyone; even newly-blind or older folks. Well; we all know that looks aren’t the most important thing in life; but most of us still want to look our best. This unisex watch fits right into that philosophy; it’s available with your choice of a leather or metal stretch band; and feels substantial on your wrist; without being unnecessarily heavy. The watch-face and band is classy and upscale; without being bulky to wear or awkward to use. And we’re quite positive you and your friends will agree with our enthusiastic assessment! (Uses one CR2032 button-cell battery; which is included and already installed.) Type: As we mentioned earlier; you can choose to receive your watch with either a metal stretch band; or a high-quality leather band. No matter which option you choose; the price still remains the same. Stretch Band: Just slip the watch on or off – without ever worrying about fastening a clasp or doing up a buckle. The stretchy expansion band automatically fits almost all wrist sizes. Leather Band: This thick; sturdy leather band wears so comfortably; you’ll soon forget you even have the watch on. What’s more; seven separate holes to insert the buckle into ensure the watch will fit the smallest or largest of wrists – as well as all those in-between sizes.

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