Casio G-Shock Mens DW6900LU-1

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Casio G-Shock Mens DW6900LU-1 Description

These new models are based on the DW6900 add some great new selections to the Basic timepiece lineup. These models hearken back to the days of no-nonsense practical G-SHOCK styling, dressed in colors that create totally new looks. The very popular DW6900 round face form comes with bi-color matte finish bands that feature different designs on the interior and exterior surfaces. These models dress up the immortal DW6900 in contemporary practical colors to create a selection of exciting new designs.It was over 30 years ago; a CASIO engineer won the battle against the laws of nature. He designed a watch that would resist centrifugal and impact forces, as well as high water pressure. Since then, the name G-SHOCK has become a byword for independence and pushing the limits. G-Shock is a line of watches manufactured by Casio, designed to resist mechanical shock and vibration. Its full form is Gravitational Shock. They are designed for all but primarily for sports, military and outdoors-oriented activities; nearly all G-shocks are digital or a combination of analog and digital and have a stopwatch feature, countdown timer, electroluminescent backlight and water resistance.

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