Pulsar Mens PXHA27 Classic Stainless Steel Black Dress Watch

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Pulsar Mens PXHA27 Classic Stainless Steel Black Dress Watch Description

40.0mm diameter Luminous hands Water-resistant to 50 meters (165 feet) Black ion finish stainless steel Fold over push button clasp 3 year warranty on manufactory defects First year world wide warranty, 2nd and 3rd year only for USA CompanyK&BROS is a registered brand of parent company Diffusione Orologi S.R.L.. It came to life after the transformation of the old brand “Klipper”, which was created by the company founder in the Fifties. Now it can boast a fifty-year-long experience in the watch industry. The Giglio family has a distinctive quality in the art of making watches and its members still create models with an innovative and fascinating design. The care for details and high-quality mechanisms have never changed during time. The choice of a young target and the wide range of available styles and models, following market trends, have soon transformed K&BROS into the world of watches.ConceptK&BROS watches are versatile and easy to wear and match. The care for details makes them precious from a technical point of view. Their strengths consist of interpreting and understanding current fashion trends, always preserving their high–quality standards.DesignAll K&BROS collections are characterized by an innovative design. A group of specialists, who always research perfect geometrical shapes, creates ingenious, elegant and fashionable designs. Watch cases are made of the best steel and plastic materials. Moreover they are combined with leather straps and top-quality synthetic materials and embellished with Mother-of-Pearl, Swarovski-crystals, high quality leathers and ceramics.Innovative Materials:CORIAN:Corian is an advanced blend of natural materials and pure acrylic. Its durability, homogeneity, resistance and the ease with which it can be processed make it a suitable material for several scopes of application, both commercial and residential: the restaurant industry, the hotel industry, the nautical field, hospitals and other public spaces. Corian is waterproof, inert material and it is non-toxic. It is also used in the production of tools and furniture for kitchens and bathrooms. Since it is a compact material with homogeneous colours and veins, it does not fade nor delaminate and it stands up well to a prolonged exposure under UV rays. Corian is resistant to blows and scratches, and this makes it particularly suitable for the production of items normally subject to the wear caused by time. All these characteristics, along with its versatility, have brought K&BROS to choose this innovative material for its new watches collection called CORIAN watches: an innovative material for a unique style.ACETATE:Cellulose acetate was first prepared by Paul Schutzenberger in 1865. Some years later, Little in the US and Bronnert in Germany simultaneously produced cellulose acetate filaments, which were in actual fact cellulose triacetate, which differs in that it does not easily dissolve in common solvents. At a commercial level, cellulose acetate is made from processed wood pulp, so it comes from a renewable source and it is biodegradable. Typical properties of this material include: good toughness, deep gloss, high transparency and a tactile feeling that can be described as ‘natural’. Inspired by the very first spectacles frames, wholly made of cellulose acetate sheets, K&BROS creates a line totally dedicated to the use of this elegant material. This Seventies-style collection is called OPTICAL and it is characterized by the use of coloured concentric circles, in contrast with the other predominating colours of the case.POLYCARBONATE:Polycarbonate is a polyester of carbonic acid. Polycarbonate shows a good resistance to mineral acids, petrol, fats, oils and water (below 70 degrees Centigrade), but its most distinctive characteristics are the mechanical ones: its capability of lengthening, its high-resistance to blows and bendings, its lightweight and the fact that it can be easily carved. Polycarbonate’s versatility allows a wide use of this material in several fields: in optics, in electronics, in the building sector, in the transport sector and even in the medical sector. Its transparency and its light transmission capability makes polycarbonate an innovative and alternative material widely used in the last few years also in a traditional field such as the watches. Being a pioneer in this field, K&BROS, always looking for technologically advanced materials with high-resistance, has been among the first companies in Italy to understand its potentialities and to exploit its characteristics. With the ICE-TIME line, K&BROS has set its own designers’ fantasy free and this, along with polycarbonate’s distinctive characteristics, has given birth to a collection like no other.ZIRCONIA CERAMIC:Zirconia ceramic is among the highest quality kinds of fine ceramics. It contains high-purity zirconium and it is harder and tougher both than metal and normal kinds of ceramic (its hardness degree is second only to diamonds), it is inert to acid and corrosive substances and it shows a high level of brightness. Starting from the Sixties, Zirconia ceramic was used in America for the production of television components, then it was used in the most different fields, from electronic components to automobile parts, up to its most modern applications in the surgical field and in the chemical field. Its distinctive resistance and brightness have inspired some companies in the watches and jewels field; among all of them, K&BROS has managed to exalt its brightness using it for the creation of a line of ceramic-made watches called C-901. K&BROS, always ready to explore the opportunities offered by new materials, chooses this ceramic to match its multiple qualities with the elegance of a young Italian-design style.STAINLESS STEEL:Stainless steel 316L is the more expensive and tougher version of stainless steel 316, with a lower content of carbon. Compared with the traditional nickel and chromium alloys, this material shows a greater compactness and a higher resistance to corrosion, a higher rupture and tensile strength, and a greater weldability. The ease of fabrication which characterize stainless steel 316L has determined its use in the many fields: from cookware to surgical instruments, from building materials to pharmaceutical industry, from petroleum refining equipment to textile equipment. The use of this quality of stainless steel in watches has always been a prerogative of some pioneers, who have seen in the high quality of this material, a mark of distinction from the masses. K&BROS has seen in the determined and reliable character of this material the key qualities which have inspired the STEEL-MAN and STEEL-WOMAN collection: reliability and high quality without renouncing to elegance and design. See all Product description

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